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D Jay Obernolte (R - CA)

State Assemblyman Obernolte is a front-runner to win a seat in this district, which opened up when Paul Cook retired.

Obernolte has a bad voting record as an Assemblyman. 

Holds office State Assembly District 33

Candidate in race for U.S. House District 8


In 2018, he voted against AB 1793, to expunge past marijuana convictions and also voted against bills to allow for cannabis compassion programs, veterinarians to recommend cannabis, and schoolchildren to use medical marijuana. He did vote yes on a bill (AB2020) to expand places where cannabis events can be held, and was absent for a vote on a resolution to the federal government to allow state-legal cannabis programs (AJR 27).  Again in 2019 he voted against cannabis compassion programs for needy patients (SB 34). 

The district is the state’s largest and historically one of its most conservative: In 2016, President Donald Trump won here by more than 15 percentage points. In 2018, it was California’s only congressional district where two Republicans — and no Democrat — advanced from the top-two primary election to the November ballot and spent campaign season fighting over who was more aligned with the president.


AB 1793 (Bonta) - automatically resentence past marijuana convictions
AB 2020 (Quirk) - broaden sites for cannabis events
AB 2215 (Kalra) - allow veterinarians to discuss cannabis for pets
SB 829 (Weiner) - protect compassion programs for indigent patients
SB 1127 (Hill) - allow students to receive cannabis medicines at school
AJR 27 (Low) - ask the DOJ to allow cannabusinesses in California

Capitol Office, Room 4116 Post Office Box 942849

Sacramento, CA 94249-0032

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