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Candidate in race for State House District 119 on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

PO Box 80028, Charleston SC 29416
Position on Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana has been seen to be safe in many states that allow it, yet the Federal Government is not following the Tenth Amendment and allowing states to make up their own mind. It is time for Federal Government to give the decision back to the States and allow them to set their laws.
Although a crime was committed, it was non-violent and the incarceration of non-violent criminals on simple drugs possession charges is costing us too much. It cost us not only the money to jail them, but also the chance for these individuals to be productive members of society. I believe we should have a time of jubilee, where those that have been charged have the debts to society forgiven and allow for a second chance.
In my mind cannabis is no different than alcohol. We can reduce violent crimes by bringing Marijuana out of the shadows and into a safe recreational setting. I believe it should not be legal to smoke in public, but what a person does in there own home or in a private business is none of my business.
Position on Marijuana Decriminalization
Our prisons are too full, and many of those serving time are doing so for non-violent crimes. I do not believe if victimless crimes and would support the decriminalization of cannabis both on the Federal and State levels.
Position on Medical Marijuana
Cannabis is a natural medicine that has been used for centuries, and if a Medical Doctor finds cannabis to be the best medication for their patients they should have total freedom to prescribe it, and the patient should have a way to legally access it for their health.
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