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Senator Tina Smith supports federal legalization and regulation of adult-use marijuana. She supports a model of marijuana oversight similar to the current oversight on tobacco and alcohol. Smith understands the systematic racist roots of cannabis policy and advocates to combat this through thoughtful policies.

Holds office U.S. Senate

Position on Medical Marijuana
She supports medical marijuana but wants to see the results from other states before moving forward on recreational legalization. Link

Sponsored Legislation

S.4386 - Substance Regulation and Safety Act of 2020

Co-sponsored Legislation
Co-sponsors the Hemp Farming Bill of 2018, which would end the federal prohibition of industrial hemp. 

"Cannabis is legal in Minnesota starting today and minor offenses are being expunged from people’s records. Let’s take this nationwide." (August 1, 2023).

"Legal cannabis shops should be treated like every other business. Forcing them to operate in the shadows is impractical, dangerous, and not to mention – a huge pain for consumers. The #SAFEBankingAct would fix that." (April 27, 2023).

"The federal prohabition on marijuana is a failed policy that contributes to mass incarceration and the racist overpolicing of communities of color. It is time to end that policy," said Sen. Smith in article on (August 3, 2020)

"It’s time we federally legalize marijuana and reform the criminal justice laws behind it. 
I’ve introduced legislation that would deschedule cannabis on the federal level, retroactively clear thousands of criminal offenses, and regulate to protect the health, safety, and civil rights of communities." (August 3, 2020).

Contact Tina Smith

Email: info@smith.senate.gov

Web: https://www.smith.senate.gov/

Phone: 202-224-5641


720 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

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