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A Veronica Vargas (D - CA)

Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Tracy. Supported City Ordinance to allow cultivation, delivery and dispensaries.

Candidate in race for State Assembly District 13 on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"I support reducing the state and local taxes on cannabis related business." 

Answers to NORML's questionnaire: 

Do you support reducing excessive taxes and regulations on adult-use cannabis to make the legal market more competitive with the illicit one? SUPPORT

Do you support measures to expedite local licensing of cannabis in underserved parts of the state? SUPPORT 

Do you support the right of workers to use cannabis off-the-job and not be subject to urine testing for cannabis metabolites (as proposed in AB 2188)? SUPPORT


Position on Medical Marijuana

"I lead the effort to expand the number of dispensaries allowed in our City from 3 to 10."

Do you support reducing taxes and expanding access for medical marijuana patients across California? SUPPORT


Contact Veronica Vargas

Email: Veronica@veronica-vargas.com

Web: https://www.veronica-vargas.com/



333 Civic Center

Tracy, CA 95376

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