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Senator Fetterman advocates for the descheduling of marijuana, expungement of the records of those convicted of nonviolent marijuana offenses, and prevention of the monopolization of the marijuana industry. He also believes legal cannabis businesses should have access to critical banking and financial services.

Holds office U.S. Senate


Senator Fetterman's website claims-

"Weed should be legal, nationwide — for jobs, justice, veterans, farmers, and revenue. It’s far past time we end the failed war on drugs and let go of this bizarre superstition and criminalization of a plant. Almost every state allows some form of medical marijuana, and 19 states and DC have legalized adult recreational use. But more than 350,000 Americans were arrested for marijuana in 2020, and because marijuana is still illegal under federal laws, people who are using this plant legally in their home state may still be denied federal employment. It’s flat wrong.

In the Senate, I’ll work to end the war on drugs by fighting to deschedule marijuana, expunge the records of those convicted of nonviolent marijuana offenses, and prevent the monopolization of this vibrant new industry. We have to end the national patchwork of marijuana laws that hurts patients, business owners, and the economy and move our views on this subject out of the Stone Age."

“Marijuana prohibition is a truly minority viewpoint in Pa.,” said Lt. Governor Fetterman. “A significant majority of Pennsylvania are for legalization and I would just ask anyone who’s not – it’s like, well, you sure don’t want to pay more in taxes.


Senator Fetterman said this about the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reccomendation to reschedule marijuana to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)-

 “I’m glad to see that the administration agrees with what we have known for a while: marijuana should not be a Schedule I drug...Moving marijuana from Schedule I will have huge benefits for people across Pennsylvania and this country, especially our veterans who rely on it as treatment for conditions like PTSD”. (8/31/23)


There’s already a thriving marijuana market in Pa. Why not make it legal, why not make it safe and why not make it taxable to help Pa. get back on its feet?” (07/07/2020)

Contact John Fetterman

Email: hello@johnfetterman.com

Web: https://www.fetterman.senate.gov

Phone: 202-224-4254


Russell Senate Office Building, Suite 142

Washington, DC 20510

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