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C- Jim Justice (R - WV) MEDICAL USE

Governor Justice has showed support primarily for the legalizaiton of medical marijuana. He is adamantly agaisnt the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Holds office Governor

Sponsored Legislation

Governor Justice signed House Bill 2536, which encourages financial institutions to provide services to those involved in the state’s nascent medical cannabis program. That program, signed into law in 2017, is not yet operational. (Link)

The Governor vetoed legislation, House Bill 2079, that sought to allow dispensaries to vertically integrate their activities. Lawmakers ultimately passed another version of the bill during a special legislative session. (Link)


“On the other hand,” Justice said, “the medical community, and there's people out there with a lot more knowledge than I have, tell me that really and truly the legalizing of marijuana in certain areas or certain states that have that from a recreational standpoint, have lowered their drug-type problems. Well, just tell it like it is, I'm not educated enough to make a really good assessment as of yet, but I can tell you just this. I do believe that is coming and that a wave is coming across all of our states.” (3/2/21)

"I always have, and I always will fully support medical cannabis for our people who are in so much pain that their physicians deem it absolutely necessary,"

"I will say, adamantly, I am one hundred percent against recreational marijuana. But we have a lot of people and families out there who are truly hurting and if medical cannabis can help, we need to do everything we can to make life better for those West Virginians," (3/26/19)

In his 2019 State of the State address, Gov. Justice called for passage of banking legislation to allow West Virginia’s medical marijuana law to go forward on July 1, but said, “I am adamantly, etched-in-stone against recreational marijuana.” (1/9/19)

On enacting SB 386, Gov. Justice said "With great pleasure, I'm going to sign this into law and I think all of us will feel like we're doing something good for families out there." (4/19/17

2017: Authorizes the Use of Medical Marijuana, SB 386
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