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Holds office State Senate District 15

Position on Marijuana Legalization

IJ: Why did you decide to introduce SB646, which would legalize marijuana for recreational use in North Carolina?

Sen. Chaudhuri: “This is the first time I’ve introduced a marijuana-related bill. I did so for a number of reasons.

First, I think we’ve reached a point in our state and our country’s history where we need to acknowledge that the punitive approach to marijuana via law enforcement has failed. It’s had a pernicious impact on poor and minority communities.

Second, I believe that it’s important for us to reinvest in those communities that have been hurt and create jobs.

Lastly, I believe the fact that Virginia has now passed legislation to legalize marijuana adds additional urgency for us to do the same because Virginia farmers will now have a leg up on North Carolina farmers.”


Position on Medical Marijuana

“I think you would see overwhelming support by the Senate Democratic Caucus for legalizing the use of medical marijuana….” “So many other states have done so. Public opinion is overwhelmingly in support of such use.

In fact, this morning I met with a constituent who shared with me the story of his spouse that has used medical marijuana and has dramatically improved his spouse’s life as a result of that in comparison to other drugs that she was taking. I think it’s significant that a high-profile senate Republican-sponsored that bill. And I think it’s also a reflection of some bipartisan support that the bill has insofar as legalizing medical marijuana use."


Co-sponsored Legislation


S58-Revise Marijuana Laws



A+ Publicly supports ending prohibition of marijuana for adults - primary sponsor of legislation.

Chaudhuri was appointed to this seat in 2016 when Josh Stein resigned.

Voted Aye on HB992-Amend Industrial Hemp Definition which proposed modifications in language of SL2015-299, increased number of Commissioners from 5 to 9, proposed that the Commission will issue licenses for “research” to include “the growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp.” 2015

Voted Aye on S124-LEO Managed CBD Oil Drop Box which proposed that any individual who possesses or uses hemp extract, as defined under this section, shall dispose of all residual oil from the extract at a secure collection box managed by a law enforcement agency, and that any neurologist who approves of dispensing hemp extract to a registered caregiver, shall inform the registered caregiver that disposal must be done at a secure collection box. 2018

Voted Aye on S168-Expand Allowable Medical Uses/Cannabis Extract which adds to the proposed changes to GS 90-94.1 to also allow the possession or use of cannabis extract to treat a medical condition diagnosed by a neurologist for which currently available treatment options have been ineffective (was only expanded to treat autism, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, or Mitochondrial disease, in addition to the already allowable treatment of intractable epilepsy). Makes conforming modifications to the proposed changes to Article 5G, GS Chapter 90, Alternative Treatment Act, to include patients who have been diagnosed with a medical condition for which currently available treatment options have been ineffective. 2019

Did not respond to NC NORML 2020 Primary Questionnaire


Contact Jay Chaudhuri

Email: Chaudhurila@ncleg.net

Web: https://www.ncleg.gov/Members/Biography/S/395

Phone: 919-715-6400


North Carolina State Senate 16 West Jones Street, Room 1028

Raleigh, NC 27601

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