Politician Info
F Kevin Corbin (R - NC) NO MEDICAL USE

Holds office State Senate District 50

Position on Medical Marijuana

In response to 2020 NC Family Policy Council's question "Should North Carolina legalize marijuana for medical purposes?" Corbin answered NO



An 'F' letter grade indicates that this candidate has expressed opposition to marijuana law reform (medical use/decriminalization), though they may have voted for legislation for minor reform (CBD/hemp).

Corbin has been a member of the NC House for two terms.

Voted Aye on SB124-LEO Managed CBD Oil Drop Box which proposed that any individual who possesses or uses hemp extract, as defined under this section, shall dispose of all residual oil from the extract at a secure collection box managed by a law enforcement agency, and that any neurologist who approves of dispensing hemp extract to a registered caregiver, shall inform the registered caregiver that disposal must be done at a secure collection box. 2018

Did not respond to NC NORML's 2020 Primary Questionnaire

Contact Kevin Corbin

Email: corbin@dnet.net

Web: http://kevincorbin.com

Phone: 828-524-7799


Post Office Box 758

Franklin, NC 28744

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