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Q: Tom Wolf and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman have come out strongly for legalization of marijuana for adults (and expunging records for those with possession convictions). Where do you stand on this issue?

A: I agree and I support the legalization of recreational marijuana for adult use. Nearly a dozen states have already done so, and more are likely to soon. The legalization of recreational marijuana is on the ballot in New Jersey and several other states this November. And polls consistently show that many Pennsylvanians support it.

We should begin moving in this direction now because, as we’ve seen with the medical marijuana program, it’s going to take a few years for the program to ramp up. And it’s crucial that it be done carefully and responsibly with community input.

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program has seen significant growth since 2017.  It’s estimated that the legalization of recreational marijuana could generate anywhere from tens of millions to hundreds of millions in revenue a year depending on the specifics. That’s not going to immediately fill our budget shortfall, but it will make a tremendous impact over time. Keep in mind, that right now not only are we getting zero revenue from recreational marijuana, but we’re also paying the criminal justice costs of arresting thousands of Pennsylvanians each year for low-level marijuana offenses.

Pennsylvania can better protect the tens of thousands of consumers who are using marijuana anyway, while realizing significant revenue, creating jobs, and investing in our economy.

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