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? Gail Symons (R - WY)

Candidate in race for State House District 30 on Tuesday, August 20, 2024

Position on Marijuana Legalization


Position on Marijuana Decriminalization


Position on Medical Marijuana



Hemp is no more "marijuana" as a drug than potatoes are poisonous nightshade. This represents a significant economic benefit to the state as an agriculture commodity crop and processing value added activity. Until medical marijuana meets the same standards of testing, dose determination and outcomes that other medically administered substances are required to have, I am not willing to open that gate. I recognize that there is strong anecdotal evidence that THC can alleviate debilitating symptoms for a wide range of diseases including Multiple Sclerosis which devastated one of my family members. Without clinical trials with rigorous cross testing, this does not meet the scientific standards that apply to medical substances. Recreational use of marijuana is not on the table for me at all at this time. As to the appropriate sentencing, I would like to hear from law enforcement, prosecutors, judiciary and Wyoming Prisons before making any decisions on what I would support.

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