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B+ Steve Cwodzinski (D - MN)

Holds office State Senate District 49


Q: With all the press that legalizing marijuana has been getting, what is your position on it? And regardless of your position, do you think it will be passed?

A: As recently as three months ago, I was on the fence. I was in Denver, Colorado a couple years ago and I was asking people, “What do you think?” Because I knew it was coming here. And then I went to the zoo, the Denver zoo. And here’s this family-type place, it shouldn’t be a place where you smell marijuana at. I remember telling my wife, this is weird that this smell of marijuana permeates — because it was there — and it’s not legal in public, but because it is legal in the privacy of your own home, I never saw it, but you could smell it. This is a family event at the zoo.

And then I come back, and I’m asking people here, “What do you think?” And out there, they told us 5 percent of the school budgets have been increased because of the tax on marijuana, so there’s all these pros, but there’s cons. And so I’m going back and forth, and about three months ago, a variety of things happened that I started coming to the pro-legalization argument. I think if I voted today, I would vote for it, for the recreational use of marijuana. But God, I wish we would just enforce (it) for underage — and I feel that way about alcohol too. I don’t see it passing the Senate, but the House, I think it would pass the House.

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