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A- Tom Wells (D - FL)

Candidate in race for U.S. House District 3 on Tuesday, August 20, 2024

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"Prohibition (alcohol) empowered organized crime and a brutal reactionary police force that would poison moonshine. At the end of prohibition, the leader of that force demanded criminalization of marijuana to secure his brutal career. There is no other basis." (Candidate Survey Response)

"Regulation of marijuana, like that of alcohol, is necessary so you know what you're getting." (Candidate Survey Response)

"Expungement & release of those convicted of non-violent marijuana possession is Just." (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

"We learned nothing from the failed (alcohol) prohibition debacle. The Police State uses victimless crimes to selectively imprison; to effectively destroy life prospects of those already marginalized. I prefer the Portuguese decriminalization of all drugs with regulation of usage - generalized this would significantly reduce drug cartel profit & brutality." (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Medical Marijuana

"The block on medical marijuana research has had a high human cost. BigPharma prefers to sell their Patent medicines without price competition from nature." (Candidate Survey Response)

Co-sponsored Legislation

"On my Website and Social Media I have always supported de-categorizing (class 3 is still too much) with release and expungement of record for simple possession." (Candidate Survey Response)

Contact Tom Wells

Email: Tom@TomWellsForCongress.com

Web: https://www.tomwellsforcongress.com/



502 Northeast 6th Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32601

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