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(From her website); “The United States imprisons more of our own people than does any other country on earth. We have to end the practice of CBP and ICE contracting with private, for-profit prisons like the GEO Group. And we have to change the way our justice system is funded, to end the perverse incentives that exacerbate inequalities - especially the massively wasteful, failed war on drugs that has deep roots in the mass incarceration of communities of color. We have to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. It’s humane and sensible from a criminal justice standpoint, it will reduce mass incarceration, save over $1 billion of Medicaid dollars (as a substitute for expensive & addictive opioids), raise tax revenue, and if we do it in Congress at the federal level, we can then respect state-level decisions on the issue and they can create their own tax incentives. My commitments include Ending the disastrous, pointless, failed federal prohibition on marijuana. Finding ways for nonviolent offenders to be held accountable outside of the prison system Dismantling the so-called "school-to-prison" pipeline, as part of the way we approach public education in this country.”

Candidate in race for U.S. House District 25

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