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"Texas should immediately fully legalize medical and recreational use and sales of Cannabis. The failed war on drugs is costing taxpayers millions of dollars annually, footing the bill for the large private prison system in Texas. Recreational use of marijuana should be legal and available to all those individuals 21+ in age with the exception of younger patients seeking the medical benefits of cannabis... In the end we must vote for Federal leadership that supports legalization of cannabis. At the very least we must move cannabis from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 2 so that we have access and funding for all cannabis related research. "- As submitted to the 'NORML Candidate Questionnaire' on 9/3 While NORML does not advocate for a “schedule 2” status (cocaine is schedule 2), Beckley’s response during the primaries secures her an -A: “In the Texas House, we will legislate towards the immediate decriminalization of cannabis for medical use. Many veterans that suffer from PTSD, cancer patients and those with chronic illnesses need more access to low cost medicine to which medicinal cannabis can provide. In addition, we must look towards states like Colorado which have seen enormous economic gains from the industry and similarly use the opportunity of the cannabis industry to grow small businesses, put tax revenue towards education and increase the quality of life for all Texans. Our local communities deserve better than being put on the sidelines when so many benefits are being seen around them.“ https://www.texasnorml.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/2018-Voter-Guide-v.FINAL-2.20.18.pdf

Holds office State House District 65

Contact Michelle Beckley

Email: Michelle.Beckley@house.texas.gov

Web: info@michellebeckley.com

Phone: 512-463-0478


Room E2.506 Post Office Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768

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