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Holds office State Senate District 4


Eric responded directly to a constituent saying, "West Virginia only recently got rid of our pill mills. Yet, almost immediately, our legislature created Medical cannabis dispensaries. I don't agree with the path the legislature has taken. I am not for medical marijuana or full legalization at this time. Physicians prescribe a treatment at a dosage, frequency, and intensity that has peer reviewed data showing that you should expect a given outcome for a specific diagnosis. We do not have that with marijuana. Nor do we have any sort of consistent credentialing of what level of THC is actually consumed from a given marijuana product prescription. So being a health care provider, I'm hesitant. I do think decriminalization should be considered for users but still criminalize trafficking. At the moment the criminal justice system is a revolving door when it comes to people found to possess MJ. So it might as well be decriminalized with ticket revenue being used for combatting addiction. I would like to see the federal government reschedule cannabis so that it can be researched for medical use/guidance."

2020: Authorizing DHHR Promulgate Legislative Rules, SB 339
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Email: eric.tarr@wvsenate.gov

Web: http://www.wvlegislature.gov/Senate1/lawmaker.cfm?member=Senator%20Tarr

Phone: 304-357-7901


Room 465M, Building 1 State Capitol Complex

Charleston, WV 25305

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