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B Josh Hicks (D - KY) MEDICAL USE

Candidate in race for U.S. House District 6

Position on Medical Marijuana

"We need to legalize medical marijuana across the United States of America. It has been shown to be a safe tool for pain management, and can have a tremendous impact for those who suffer.

Medical marijuana is already legal in 33 states. There’s no reason for Kentucky’s veterans, for Kentucky’s sick, for Kentucky’s elderly to suffer needlessly when the ground has already been broken elsewhere. We know it helps, we know people find relief, we know it brings down addiction rates — and there’s 33 legalization initiatives we can study and learn from to develop the right kind of policy for Kentucky.

Moreover, it’s an agricultural crop that would be well suited for Kentucky’s farms, both large and small.

There are too many folks out there who need relief from their pain for us to continue to delay. We need to take an important step in palliative care and legalize medical cannabis." Link

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Email: info@joshhicksforcongress.com

Web: https://www.joshhicksforcongress.com/



4109 Plantagenet Drive

Lexington, KY 40513

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