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Holds office State Senate District 11


"I believe that the issue of legalization should be decided by the states per the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution. I am in favor of legalizing marijuana for medical uses in the state of Indiana right now. As for recreational use, I am not necessarily opposed to the idea but believe that more research needs to be done to ensure that law enforcement has the tools they need to enforce responsible use. For instance, unlike alcohol where an officer can issue a breathalyzer test and prove that a person is driving under the influence, there is currently no test that measures the level of intoxication for marijuana. We can prove that a person has used marijuana recently but not that they are intoxicated in the present moment. Some of this should be ironed out before introducing legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in Indiana. However, I do urge Congress to pass a law rescheduling marijuana from a Schedule I to Schedule II drug." Link

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Email: Senator.Rogers@iga.in.gov

Web: https://www.indianasenaterepublicans.com/rogers

Phone: 317-232-9400


200 West Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204

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