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“Cannabis legalization is stalled in this State because the legislators needed to back it, those representing the rural farming communities, where most of the marijuana & hemp would be grown, face significant social pressure from their increasingly older, socially stagnant, conservative voter base. So none of these legislators feels like they are politically secure enough to side with the younger generation of farmers who are very much interested in diversifying our State crop base from its decades old pattern (corn/soy/hogs/tobacco etc). When elected I will be the first State Senator representing a rural, agricultural, district will the political fearlessness (if I'm unelected then I'm unelected- that's life) to do the right thing and make immediate efforts to end the war on drugs in the State of North Carolina. I do not "Favour" it. I support it fully and will act on it. Cannabis should not be illegal. I support recreational legalization, descheduling hemp, no taxation of cannabis (just because it's marijuana why should it be taxed? The government doesn't tax my eggplant?), and full amnesty for all prior drug related offenses in State Courts. It's time we did right and end this shameful war.” - In response to NORML of Catawba Valley inquiry in 2018.


An 'A' letter grade indicates that this candidate has publicly declared their support for ending prohibition of marijuana for adults and/or has cosponsored legislation to do so.

Responses to NC NORML's 2020 General Election Questionnaire:

The Detection and Standardization Field Sobriety Test is acceptable as evidence for driving under the influence of cannabis charges for NC law, enforcement agencies, not blood or urine: YES, NC should be training its officers in the necessary skills to detect psychoactive effect. Blood and urine will "false positive" in remaining long after impairment has ceased.
NC law enforcement departments should establish pre-charge diversion programs for drug charges: Yes
NC farmers should be able to grow cannabis with higher THC levels for medical use. This would benefit both patients and farmers:  YES - Though I will actively push, as well, to remove any crop restrictions on growers 
As with other medicines, healthcare providers practicing within their scope of practice should have the professional freedom to recommend cannabis to patients at the dose, THC level, and for the conditions they deem effective:    YES
Patients should have the freedom to seek cannabis therapies for their conditions at the dose and THC levels that could be effective as patients in other states have the freedom:    YES
Since cannabis has lower addiction rates than alcohol and cigarettes and does not lead to illegal drug use, but instead reduces opioid and cocaine use, cannabis for adult use should be legal:   YES
NC’s state budget would benefit from legalizing cannabis:   YES
I would consider cosponsoring a bill that reduces penalties for possession from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction: YES though I will back bill to legalize entirely as well
I would consider cosponsoring a medical marijuana bill:  YES
I would consider cosponsoring a bill to tax and regulate cannabis for adult use:  Only if I have to compromise and cannot get backers for full legalization & deregulation
What questions would you like us to answer about cannabis legalization, medical uses, the impact on state and local revenues or crime?:  Crime and revenue are the two areas that would be most effective - at least for voters out here in ENC.

Did not respond to NC NORML’s 2020 Primary Questionnaire

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