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Strong support on all marijuana issues

Harley Rouda is a successful businessman, philanthropist, attorney, and tech entrepreneur. He’s had diverse and extensive success in companies of all sizes and scopes, from his family business to startups to publicly traded companies. https://www.harleyforcongress.com/about-harley/

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Supports. He wrote, "56% of California voters approved Prop. 64, and the economic boost to our local + state economy would be tremendous. Federal govt. should respect California's right to determine what is best for us." Also, "It's time to recognize that the 'War on Drugs' has failed. Current laws disproportionately impact communities of color." 


Candidate Rouda responded to a questionnaire sent by Cal NORML in 2018 indicating strong support for: 

(1)  Extending the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, which blocks the Dept. of Justice from spending funds to undermine state medical cannabis laws.

(2)   Extending the DOJ funding amendment to apply to states with adult-use legalization laws.

(3)   The STATES Act (HR 6043), which would amend the Controlled Substances Act to make actions that are legal under state marijuana laws (possession, distribution, manufacture, etc.)  legal under federal law.  

(4)    The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act (HR 1227), to remove cannabis from the controlled substance list and allow states to regulate it as they say fit.  

(5)  The Marijuana Justice Act (HR 4815), which in addition to descheduling and removing criminal penalties for marijuana, penalizes states that have a disproportionate rate of incarceration for marijuana offenses and allows courts to expunge prior possession or use offenses.

(6) The SAFE Act (H.R. 2215), to protect financial institutions that offer services to legal cannabis-related businesses.

(7)  The Veterans Equal Access Act (H.R. 1820), to permit VA health care providers to refer patients to state medical marijuana programs.

In addition, Rouda indicated strong opposition for the Stop Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogs (SITSA) Act (HR 2851), which would give the DEA broad powers to ban drugs it considers to be analogues of other scheduled drugs. In comments, he said it would give "unbounded authority not based on facts or research" to Jeff Sessions and the AG's office. 

2019: The SAFE Banking Act, HR 1595
2019: Blumenauer/McClintock/Norton Amendment to Protect Legalization
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