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Candidate in race for State House District 56

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Bruce submitted directly to NORML:

"The Federal prohibition of marijuana possession and use is an outdated philosophy, which was totally illogical from the start. I certainly support the full legalization of medical marijuana. Further, there is no scientific evidence to support the continued prohibition of recreational use, either. The argument that it is a “gateway drug” was always an unfortunate error in logic. It was based on correlation all data which cannot determine causation. Because 90% of heroin users started with marijuana does not support any causative link. I suspect that a full 100% of such users started with milk. Again, no causative link. The original prohibition was a purely political move."

"The legalization and regulation of alcohol (a much more dangerous drug), shows that there is a clear pathway to the acceptance of adult usage is possible. The recent experience of the regulatory efforts on the west coast simply shows that the plans were not well thought out. The restrictive regulatory environment has resulted in prices for the “legal” marijuana ends up being prohibitively higher in many places than the “black market” variety. But these are issues that can be worked out. "


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