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"The prohibition of Marijuana is extremely outdated and has costed millions and millions of dollars, while also splitting apart families that should be kept together."- As submitted to the 'NORML Candidate Questionnaire' on 8/12

Candidate in race for U.S. House District 6 on Tuesday, November 8, 2022


"It is time for us to legalize marijuana – and to tax it, like we already do for tobacco and alcohol. This is just common sense." (September 2022)

"As part of my push for reforms in our criminal justice system, it is my belief that we should take a hard look at decriminalizing marijuana possession if not outright legalization and regulation. Continuing marijuana as a schedule one drug is equivalent of continuing prohibition in the 20's. There is a legitimate opportunity to legalize, regulate, and tax a substance that has not been proven to be addictive and has been shown to have medicinal use. Such a move could have far reaching long term effects that could reduce prison populations and make the streets safer as non-violent drug offenders could subsequently be released. Families could be reunited and we could stabilize homes and neighborhoods as many violent crimes committed in the name of drug territory could very well disappear. Falling short of full legalization and regulation, I would be able to compromise for nation wide medicinal use marijuana." 




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