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From Simon's website: "Marijuana became illegal in the US in 1937, primarily as a tool of racism. That law is still used as a racist tool today. This year NC House Democrats introduced HB 401 and HB 766. I support both of these. There are many reasons to suggest that marijuana should be legalized both for medical and recreational purposes. The “War on Drugs” is a costly and ineffective use of Police assets. Marijuana is a superior alternative to Opiates and is less addictive. Marijuana is a preferred treatment of PTSD by many military veterans. Enforcement of prohibition has disproportionately impacted poor populations. Marijuana would be an excellent crop alternative for former tobacco growers, especially in NC."

From Simon's Facebook page: "The U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment today that protects state-legal cannabis businesses from federal intervention. The amendment, included in an Appropriations bill, bars the Department of Justice from using taxpayer funds to enforce federal anti-cannabis laws in U.S. states that have legalized medical and/or adult-use cannabis. If you want to see cannabis legalized in NC please support our campaign!"

Did respond to NC NORML’s 2020 Questionnaire

Do you support prohibiting access to marijuana (cannabis) by persons younger than 21 years, unless for evidence-based medical applications prescribed by a healthcare provider and with parental consent? NO (I answered NO to the first question because I believe the age of consent for cannabis should be 18)

Research reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that states with legalized cannabis saw a reduction in opioid use and opioid overdose deaths. Would you consider legalizing medical cannabis as a strategy to reduce opioid use? YES

According to the Cato Institute, North Carolina spent ~ $263.3 million in state and local dollars to enforce cannabis laws in 2016. Meanwhile, the American Journal of Drug Alcohol Abuse found that arrestees who tested positive for THC had low incidents of aggressive crime. Aggressive crimes were associated with self-reported use of alcohol. Would you consider decriminalizing possession of cannabis since its use results in less aggression than legal alcohol? YES

A Mayo Clinic study has shown that cannabis has lower addiction rates than alcohol (Nicotine 32%; Heroin 23%; Cocaine 17%; Alcohol 15%; Cannabis 9%). Do you agree that adults should have the right to use cannabis? YES

Contradicting the myth that cannabis is a gateway drug, the RAND Corporation reported in 2012 that the use of cocaine dropped 50% as cannabis use increased 40%. Cannabis is associated with lower use of hard drugs and is not a gateway drug. Would you consider legalizing adult use of cannabis? YES

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