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C- Gae Magnafici (R - WI)

As a candidate for office this elected official had made positives statements about supporting medical marijuana and decriminalization.   Early in the legislation session she signed onto a bill to protect the privacy of firearms owners should Wisconsin ever go medical.  We had high hopes, as she is one of the limited number of elected officials a medical background.    Her Spring 2019 GOP Survey showed over 68% supported medical marijuana and patients had high hopes she would sponsor legislation her first session.  Patients were disappointed she did not sign onto either version of the medical marijuana bills this session.  Without sponsoring more legislation or co-sponsoring the current decriminalization bill, this elected official is holding a C- rating.

Holds office State Assembly District 28

  • Born Amery, Wisconsin, July 14, 1952; married; 2 children; 3 grandchildren.
  • Graduate Amery High School, 1970; A.A. in Applied Science, Sauk Valley Community College (Dixon, Illinois), 1982.
  • Small business owner.
  • Former mental health technician; registered nurse.
  • Elected to Assembly 2018.
Position on Medical Marijuana

Supported as a candidate in campaign statements:

There have been discussions recently about legalizing medical marijuana in Wisconsin. This is something that I am in favor of. I understand that cancer patients and people suffering from Parkinson’s disease can benefit greatly from using medical marijuana to control pain and manage symptoms. If medical marijuana leads to a better quality of life for seriously ill patients, then they should not be robbed of the possibility of some comfort without turning into a criminal. 

Contact Gae Magnafici

Email: Rep.Magnafici@legis.wisconsin.gov

Web: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/28/Magnafici

Phone: 608-267-2365


State Capitol, Room 7 West Post Office Box 8953

Madison, WI 53708

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