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A J'aime Morgaine (D - AZ)
A dedicated liberal, Morgaine successfully challenged US Rep. Paul Gosar for blocking her on Twitter. Ms. Morgaine weighed in for the general election survey, “As a veteran living with service-connected PTSD, I have researched medical marijuana extensively, and strongly oppose the federal government's position that cannabis has no redeeming medical value. My personal diagnosis qualifies for medicinal use of cannabis, yet the VA does not prescribe, provide, or pay for the medical marijuana that could potentially be a much more effective treatment (and is certainly less toxic) than the "approved" drugs they WILL prescribe and provide. I fully support Arizona's medical marijuana program, and if elected, will work to reduce the criminal penalties Arizonans currently face for possessing cannabis. I absolutely favor legalizing cannabis for adults at the federal and state levels. Beyond that, I will work to include medical marijuana in the prescription formularies that determine insurance-provided "pharmaceuticals." Senator Borrelli is anything but a reformer. He doesn't support legalization of cannabis. And, he can't even talk about the hemp legalization bill without qualifying his participation by saying (repeatedly), "It's rope, not dope." I am the only LD5 Senate candidate who will actually fight for the right of Arizonans to use cannabis without fear of governmental reprisal and will do so publicly and proudly.”

Candidate in race for State Senate District 30 on Tuesday, July 30, 2024

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