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C- Jessica de la Cruz (R - RI)

Holds office State Senate District 23


“I think it has to be done right. Because if we’re going to allow corporations or selected individuals to profit from dispensaries and other sectors the marijauna industry will undoubtedly be in, I don’t want to see [only a select] few individuals profit from that.”  de la Cruz continued, “I also think that individuals that have their own in their home that they continue to be able to do that obviously on a small scale, we don’t want to see any drug dealers or anything of that sort. But I do think [the legalization of marijuana] is inevitable, but it has to be done right.” 11/22/21

2022: Authorizes the Recreational Use of Marijuana, S 2430
2021: Establishes the Cannabis Control Commission, S 568
Contact Jessica de la Cruz

Email: sen-delacruz@rilegislature.gov

Web: https://www.jessicaforri.com/

Phone: 401-222-2708


Rhode Island State Senate 82 Smith Street

Providence, RI 02903

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