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Candidate in race for U.S. House District 1

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"After years of experimentation in several states we now know that legalization generates tax revenue, reduces crime, limits use by minors, and creates economic activity without the harms predicted by opponents. Cannabis prohibition laws target Black and Brown communities and support the for-profit prison industry. It’s time to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis use at the Federal level.

  • Legalization will reduce dependence on more dangerous drugs like opioids and alcohol.
  • Legalization will help keep cannabis out of the hands of minors.
  • The additional tax revenue will help struggling schools and pay for infrastructure repair and maintenance.
  • Creating a legal market for cannabis will shrink the black market for drugs and reduce drug crime.

Legalization of cannabis must come with broader criminal justice reform surrounding the history of prosecuting drug crimes disproportionately against Black and Brown communities."

  • Expunge any criminal records for people convicted of simple possession of cannabis.
  • Make sure no drug conviction makes people ineligible for social services of any kind." (Link)


Contact Qasim Rashid

Email: contact@rashidforva.com

Web: https://www.rashidforva.com

Phone: 703-594-1204


Post Office Box 489, 524 Garrisonville Road

Markham, VA 22643

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