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F Mike Testa (R - NJ)

Mike Testa is against the legalization of marijuana, one of his main reasons being that he thinks legalization will be put children in danger. 

Holds office State Senate District 1


When discussing growing cannabis, "[no one] really wants this in their backyard.” (June 24, 2023).

"If the very people who enforce our laws in New Jersey are concerned about the many legal ramifications for recreational pot use by their members, it should give us all pause. This reckless and short-sighted law and Phil Murphy’s continuing ignorance about how our federal system of government works will likely cause an unsuspecting citizen to suffer real and long-lasting legal consequences. Federal law precludes a user of marijuana from owning a gun. That is something that the legalization proponents likely never considered." (April 21, 2022).

“Every single teenager will know two minutes after this bill is signed into law that police will be powerless to stop them from drinking or smoking pot. They’ll use the written warning they get to roll their next joint, which they’ll be able to do because the law will prevent police from searching for their stash even if they catch the kids in a cloud of smoke. It’s an embarrassment.” (February 23, 2021).

"Adolescents and teens who use marijuana have experienced distorted thinking, hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety and depression, and are at an increased risk of developing psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. Long-term marijuana use is associated with lower IQ scores and motivation. It is even linked to school dropout numbers and lower educational achievement." Feb 16 2021

Contact Mike Testa

Email: sentesta@njleg.org

Web: https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/legislative-roster/424/senator-testa



New Jersey Senate State House P.O. Box 099

Trenton, NJ 08625-0098

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