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Position on Marijuana Legalization

"I support legalizing and regulating responsible use of cannabis by adults." (Candidate Survey Response)

"I support the immediate automatic expungement of records related to non-violent marijuana possession charges and providing notification to those affected to preclude the omission of those who do not have a means to request expungement and to help those who might otherwise lose job opportunities between now and 2025." (Candidate Survey Response)

"My opponent, Senator Ruff, voted against legislation that was proposed to establish a legal framework for the sale of recreational marijuana. The legislation is not perfect, it is a work in progress, but has he proposed any solutions that address his concerns that will help bring the legislation closer to perfection? One of his concerns is underground markets, but underground markets will always pop up – there is opportunity for crime in every endeavor no matter how strong the legislation is – and is no reason to block the establishment of a retail marijuana market. Virginia had its share of bootlegging during prohibition and, according to the Tax Foundation, Virginia had a 22.8% outbound cigarette smuggling rate in 2018.

Rather than ask his constituents to 'remember which political party caused this fiasco and vote accordingly,' maybe Senator Ruff should ask himself why he is criticizing and finger-pointing rather than working to help the marijuana market become a safe enterprise." (Source)

Position on Medical Marijuana

"I support expanding Virginia’s medical cannabis program to reduce the cost of, and limit barriers to, participation and make the product more affordable and more easily accessible for everyone." (Candidate Survey Response)

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