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A- Ann Ravel (D - CA)

Democrat Ann Ravel was an Obama appointee to the Federal Elections Commission. She stepped down within a few weeks of President Trump’s inauguration, decrying in her resignation letter the “unlimited, often dark money” channeled into political campaigns. Now she’s running on her pro-transparency bonafides and support for small business. She is well-versed in cannabis issues, having close acquaintances who use it medically or who have been convicted for past marijuana offenses.

She has the endorsement of the San Jose Mercury News.  

Candidate in race for State Senate District 15


As County Counsel, I created the Social Justice Impact and Litigation Team to litigate cases to help protect the people of the county from those who were taking advantage of them, including the lead paint companies, Notarios, and drug companies that were not transparent about drug pricing. This team is still active and has taken on the Trump Administration, DACA legislation, opioid painkiller manufacturers and other high impact cases. The team also drafts innovative local ordinances, and develops new policies and programs to advance the County’s goal of achieving social and economic justice for all its residents.


Contact Ann Ravel

Email: hello@ravelforca.com

Web: https://www.ravelforca.com

Phone: 408-459-9076


1787 Tribute Road Suite K

Sacramento, CA 95815

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