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Lee is a young Gen Z progressive from a more conservative Chinese constituency.  He is enthusiastically  in favor of legal marijuana, social equity, employment rights for marijuana users, and more.  He doesn't use drugs, but is open to discussing legalization of psychedelics.

Holds office State Assembly District 24


Lee, who's been a legislative policy advisor for the state Senate and Assembly, is affiliated with California Young Democrats and came out on top of a field of five Democrats in the March primary. 

Position on Marijuana Legalization
In answer to Cal NORML's questionnaire:
1. Are you in favor of the legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes (or both)?  

2. Would you support lowering taxes on legal cannabis in California at the state level? 
Yes; but only through a strong equity lens. I acknowledge that not all cannabis businesses are the same (in revenue, reach, and employees etc.) and I also acknowledge we need to convince more to come into the legal market. So I would especially support lowering prohibitive taxes on businesses owned/operated by POC and who want to unionize their employees. Generally speaking I don't want to lower the taxes for a bigger operator and disproportionately benefit them at the expense of smaller businesses. 

3. Would you support a bill to protect the employment rights of cannabis users in California? 
Absolutely yes 

4. Would you support a bill to protect pain patients’ rights to prescription medicines if they are using doctor-recommended cannabis? 

5. What measures would you take to support opening licensed cannabis businesses across California, including in your district? 
AD25 (like many districts) has a strong anti-cannabis sentiment rooted in misinformation. Using my platform I will advocate and educate more about the legalized market and its benefits. I want to do my part and work collaboratively with local govs & advocates to remove draconian moratoriums. 
AB 2188 (Quirk - 2022) - employment rights to use cannabis off-the-job
SB 1186 (Wiener - 2022) - require local governments to permit medical cannabis sales or delivery
SB 1326 (Caballero - 2022) - interstate commerce agreements
AB 2595 (Jones-Sawyer - 2022) - child protection allowance for cannabis
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Email: alex@votealexlee.com

Web: https://www.votealexlee.com/



Capitol Office 1021 O Street, Suite 6330

Sacramento, CA 95814

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