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D- Kelly Seyarto (R - CA)

Republican Kelly Seyarto is a 35-year firefighter and mayor of Murietta. In August 2019, Murietta voted to allow for hemp businesses and cannabis testing labs to operate in the city, but continued its ban on any other cannabis businesses. 

Seyarto has voted badly in the Assembly. 

Holds office State Senate District 32

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"Too many legislators in Sacramento either don’t get it or don’t care that their policies to decriminalize criminal behavior and release dangerous offenders have caused crime rates to skyrocket, contributed to the homeless crisis and made every community in our state less safe.  We need to overturn policies and laws that restrict law enforcement’s ability to deal with people who choose to operate outside of the laws that every other law abiding citizen must follow.  I spent my entire career in public safety as a firefighter and I will always be steadfast in my support for the men and women that patrol our neighborhoods in order to keep us safe." https://kellyforassembly2020.com/issues/

AB 2188 (Quirk - 2022) - employment rights to use cannabis off-the-job
SB 1186 (Wiener - 2022) - require local governments to permit medical cannabis sales or delivery
SB 1326 (Caballero - 2022) - interstate commerce agreements
AB 2595 (Jones-Sawyer - 2022) - child protection allowance for cannabis
Contact Kelly Seyarto

Email: assemblymember.seyarto@assembly.ca.gov

Web: https://sr32.senate.ca.gov/

Phone: 916-651-4032


1021 O Street, Suite 7120

Sacramento, CA 95814-4900

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