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From her campaign website:

"While we can not do anything about the federal legalization of marijuana, there are things we can do at the state level to legalize it. I support every bill designed to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use in North Carolina. We have done good to decriminalize it, but we can do more. There are many benefits to legalization, both economic and social.

Legalization will create many new jobs. We will need growers to cultivate and process, leading to many new local jobs. We will need retailers to sell the product, leading to more local jobs. We will have to have people that can inspect and regulate the product, keeping it safe and bringing more jobs. All these jobs lead to more revenue, money that can be invested back in our public school system. Money that can be invested in continuing the fight against the opioid epidemic. We are talking hundreds of millions in revenue and tens of thousands of new jobs. It just makes sense financially.

Socially there are a number of benefits as well. Studies have shown marijuana's potential to treat a number of illnesses. It will help to decrease the strain on our criminal justice system and free up resources that can be used to fight other criminal activity. There is also strong evidence showing marijuana's potential to help us battle the opioid crisis. There is no evidence that teen use rises in states that have legalized. Furthermore a majority of people, 2 out of 3, now agree with at least some form of legalization. I think it's time we listen voters." (2020)



Did not provide an email address to the NC State Board of Elections and did not receive a 2020 Questionnaire

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