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B+ Daniel Brownstein (D - SC)

Candidate in race for State House District 112

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Mr. Brownstein responded to NORML's candidate questionnaire on 9/3/20. His responses are below.

"States have shown that there is a way to responsibly regulate the sale of marijuana while raising money for schools, healthcare and other pressing needs. The federal prohibition of marijuana creates unnecessary friction between states and federal law enforcement, and makes it harder for marijuana businesses to utilize traditional banking and financing."

"We have seen states lead the way in responsibly legalizing marijuana and more are doing so every year. The tax revenue can be used for pressing needs like schools and healthcare. Legalizing marijuana also makes the market safer for people who want to buy it."

Position on Medical Marijuana

"If a doctor wants to prescribe marijuana to his or her patients, the state should not stand in the way."


1391 Downsberry Drive

Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

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