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C- Glenn Youngkin (R - VA) MEDICAL USE

Holds office Governor

Position on Marijuana Legalization

In a May appearance on CNBC, Youngkin described legalization as “another problem that’s going to be dumped at my feet” if he’s elected.

“If there was a group of children that were sitting here and I was talking to them about marijuana I would tell them don’t use it,” Youngkin said at a campaign event in April. “I’ve never met anybody who habitually used marijuana and was successful and I would tell all them the same thing.”

Youngkin wrongly claims ‘every single state’ has earned disappointing cannabis revenue 7/9/21


Youngkin's campaign stated that they would not seek to repeal Virginia's recent legalization of marijuana, but falsely stated that other states which have legalized have embellished their tax revenue collections from marijuana sales. (7/3/21)

2022: Pharmaceutical Processors; Amends the Definition of "Cannabis oil", HB 933
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