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"Legalized marijuana is coming to Virginia and we need to make sure that the 24th gets its share of the tax revenue and the harvesting opportunities for our farmers. I will do my part to help the 24th District get all the tools and resources it needs to make the most of this economic opportunity for our beautiful part of the Commonwealth. I'm talking about higher wages, increased home values and new small businesses. (Our current delegate, who voted against legalization, is not in a strong position to advocate for this.)" (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"Cannabis is a clinically proven medicine. It is safe and effective for a wide array of conditions. Unfortunately, the 'Just Say No' campaign of the '80s and '90s pushed the idea of marijuana as a 'gateway drug' and this misconception persists with some folks still today. The truth, however, is that marijuana is a gateway out of opioid and other dangerous drug addiction. Legal and regulated easy access to cannabis is imperative for our nation's health.

We have a struggling economy here in the rural 24th District. We must take full advantage of the opportunities for our entrepreneurs to open dispensaries and our farmers to produce a crop that is now legal in the State.

Legal Cannabis is a win win all around. We must make sure that Richmond provides all areas of the Commonwealth, especially areas like ours where hemp was traditionally used in crop rotation, all the tools and resources available to harvest the benefits of this new industry.

The criminalization of cannabis and the disproportionate harm it has caused to Black and Brown Americans is just one of the many facets of institutionalized racism in our society. We must always be working to right these wrongs. I support the automatic expungement of nonviolent marijuana possession charges." (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Medical Marijuana

"Cannabis is a clinically proven medicine. Its benefits are numerous for a variety of ailments. The Commonwealth definitely deserves better access to this medication. I am in favor of legislation that expands the medical cannabis program." (Candidate Survey Response)

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