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Virginia NORML has endorsed Michelle Lopes-Maldonado.

Candidate in race for State House District 50 on Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Obviously the time has come for the legal and regulated use of cannabis by adults in Virginia. I support the action of the General Assembly and Governor Northam with regard to cannabis.

For too long, Virginia's criminal justice system has disproportionately discriminated against black and brown communities, especially when it come to with drug and cannabis laws. These laws -- and the attitudes which promulgated them in our state capitol -- have done nothing more than create a permanent criminal subclass in our society. Fortunately, we are making progress with regard to changing the laws going forward. Now It's time that we do the right thing and expunge misdemeanor criminal records as quickly as possible.

Position on Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis is the only thing which helps control my own mother's chronic pain. I understand the value and importance of it in her life and feel that all Virginians should have access to that kind of treatment if appropriate.

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