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Virginia NORML has endorsed Blakely Lockhart.

Position on Marijuana Legalization

The legalization and regulation of responsible cannabis use by adults will be extremely beneficial to our Commonwealth. It will aid in criminal justice reform, stopping the disproportionate arrests of people of color for possession of cannabis, specifically through mandatory minimums. Additionally, it will be of economic benefit, as it will create more jobs, bring about tax revenue, and stimulate a new source of economic prosperity. 

While Virginia has decriminalized marijuana, it has not yet expunged the records of those who were incarcerated based on non-violent marijuana possession charges. I support the automatic expungement of records related to non-violent marijuana possession charges and am looking forward to seeing the legislation passed this year take effect and benefit the lives of Black and Brown Virginians who have been incarcerated disproportionately for the possession of marijuana. These criminal records have caused many Brown and Black Virginians to face job insecurity, as there are limited employers willing to overlook a criminal record. With their records expunged, these individuals have a chance to truly re-enter society and rehabilitate themselves out of prison. 

Position on Medical Marijuana

While it is no small feat that Virginia has an operable medical cannabis program, there is still desired progress to be made in order to expand it and make it more effective. For starters, we must lower the costs of participation, as this is not a privileged medicine, it should be widely available for those who want and need it. Medical care should not be provided based on who can afford unfair prices. Furthermore, we must find ways to make it more accessible, especially for many of the individuals in my district who live in more rural communities. 

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