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Holds office State House District 84

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"The market needs to be regulated to ensure all cannabis related products are safe for consumption. We also need to ensure that business owners in Virginia have an avenue to participate in this new market and that interstate corporations aren't taking advantage of new laws as a means to gentrify our neighborhoods.

Not only do I believe cannabis needs to be fully legalized in the state of Virginia, but I believe we must expunge the records of those who have been convicted for non violent drug possession related offenses. I believe this is a necessary step if we truly seek to restore people's livelihoods and right the wrongs of the war on drugs." (Candidate Survey Response)

"I am in favor of plans that would permit the retail sale of recreational cannabis products, with certain restrictions comparable to those in place for tobacco and alcohol sales.   These restrictions would aim to prevent sales and marketing to minors and would prioritize community safety measures. Furthermore, I believe that any implementation of a retail marketplace for marijuana sales must include measures to address the negative impacts that arrest records and criminal convictions for marijuana-related offenses, which are now legal, have had on individuals." (Source)



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