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A Belle Sandwith (D - CA)

I was part of a group of cannabis advocates who successfully brought a Referendum against our county Board of Supervisors. We were the first successful Referendum in the county. We also sponsored a Commercial Cannabis Measure, but it failed. This was in my home county of Sierra.

Candidate in race for State Assembly District 1 on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Position on Marijuana Legalization

The current taxation schedule has created a situation where the black market still thrives. Cultivation taxes must lowered to make a level playing field for Legal growers. California must also change the current interpretation of Prop 64, the Adult Use Act. It says 6 plants per adult, not 6 plants per household as it is now. 

Answers to NORML's questionnaire: 

Do you support reducing excessive taxes and regulations on adult-use cannabis to make the legal market more competitive with the illicit one? SUPPORT

Do you support measures to expedite local licensing of cannabis in underserved parts of the state? SUPPORT 

Do you support the right of workers to use cannabis off-the-job and not be subject to urine testing for cannabis metabolites (as proposed in AB 2188)? SUPPORT

Position on Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is an essential tool for treating many medical positions and controlling chronic pain. We must ensure that patients can access marijuana as easily and affordably as any other medicine.

Do you support reducing taxes and expanding access for medical marijuana patients across California? SUPPORT

Contact Belle Sandwith

Email: belleforassembly@gmail.com

Web: https://sandwithforassembly.com/



Post Office Box 320

Loyalton, CA 96118

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