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B- Rod Joseph (D - FL)

Candidate in race for U.S. Senate on Tuesday, August 20, 2024

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"I support [cannabis] use by all adults, whether recreational or [medicinal]...this is not government business." (Candidate Survey Response)

"All the conviction[s] for marijuana must [be] vacate[d]...the people's records need to be clean." (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

"I support any legislation that will decriminalize Marijuana." (Candidate Survey Response)

Regarding the federal prohibition of cannabis, Joseph stated, "[it] is all about control and business, the federal government do[ing] the work of big pharma." (Candidate Survey Response)

"Reagan scare[d] people about Marijuana use, yet no studies...back up their claim of danger for using it." (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Medical Marijuana

"[Medical cannabis] should have never been illegal to begin with." (Candidate Survey Response)

"Marijuana is a natural medicine." (Candidate Survey Response)

Contact Rod Joseph

Email: rod@rodjosephforussenate.com

Web: https://rodjoseph.org/



2414 Dakota Trail

Casselberry, FL 32730

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