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Candidate in race for State House District 41 on Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Position on Marijuana Legalization

I am in favor of retail sales to adults. The opportunity for tax revenue is too big to ignore, especially given the expanding black market. Thoughtful regulations on retail sales will keep consumers safe. Adults are trusted to grow, use, and share their own cannabis - why can't we trust them to purchase it? Expanding retail sales will make cannabis more accessible to Virginians who cannot grow their own (a 'Care Giver Grower' allowance would help with this, too.) 

In 2021, Virginia legalized possession of marijuana in 2021. America is changing and with it, our attitudes and policies surrounding marijuana use. With these changes it is necessary that we reconsider past criminal charges surrounding marijuana usage and possession. Therefore, I strongly believe in the automatic expungement of records related to non-violent marijuana possession charges. My opponent, Chris Obenshain, has spoken out against the legalization of marijuana, calling it a “failure” created by Virginia democrats. If elected, I will be an advocate for Virginia’s cannabis users. 

Position on Medical Marijuana

I support an expansion of Virginia’s medical cannabis program because I am an advocate for a healthier, happier Virginia. I believe that every Virginian deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare. Research has proven that medical marijuana has a myriad of uses: it can help alleviate Virginians from pain. I am a staunch supporter of HB1464 and any legislation that helps Virginians get the treatment they deserve. 

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