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B+ Michael Lynch (D - MI)

Candidate in race for U.S. House District 2 on Tuesday, August 6, 2024

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Lynch posits "Marijuana and marijuana products should be available to those adults who choose to enjoy them." (Candidate Survey Response)

Moreover, Lynch clarified that he supports the legalization of both recreational and medicinal cannabis: "Marijuana laws in the U.S. were established primarily to affect minority and disadvantaged groups. Minority groups are 3 times more likely to be prosecuted for marijuana crimes than whites, although use is not considerably different between the two groups. Marijuana is not as harmful as many other drugs, including heroin, cocaine and alcohol. Marijuana use, both recreational and medicinal, should be legalized across the U.S., including on Native American and other federal lands." (Candidate Survey Response)

When asked for a position on expungements for non-violent marijuana possession crimes, Lynch responded, "The enforcement of laws concerning marijuana have disproportionately affected minority and disadvantaged communities. This has led to mass incarceration and has disrupted the lives of otherwise law-abiding citizens. Records should be cleared and no discrimination should befall anyone with a previous conviction." (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

"As I support the legalization of marijuana, decriminalization would therefore not be necessary." (Candidate Survey Response)


Position on Medical Marijuana

On the subject of medicinal cannabis, Lynch noted, "In contrast to its previous classification, marijuana is not a schedule one drug and has been shown to have medicinal properties. Physicians should feel free to prescribe marijuana and products that contain THC for their patients." (Candidate Survey Response)

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Email: ElectMichaelLynch@gmail.com

Web: https://electmichaellynch.com/



5390 Pheasant Court

Alma, MI 48801

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