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D+ Ben Everidge (NA - FL)

Candidate in race for U.S. Senate on Tuesday, August 20, 2024

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Regarding the federal prohibition of cannabis, Everidge remarked, "Marijuana laws have changed over the years in many states. I believe the medical and/or adult-use of marijuana should be a state and not federal decision. I support sunsetting the federal prohibition on medical and/or adult-use of marijuana." (Candidate Survey Response)

Everidge is not in favor of automatic expungements for non-violent cannabis possession convictions, stating, "I do not support the automatic expungement of non-violent marijuana possession convictions and believe that this is a matter to be determined by the states and not the federal government until the conviction was federal. In which case, the state should advise the federal courts on how best to proceed with expunging any non-violent marijuana possession convictions." (Candidate Survey Response)

On the topic of legalizing and regulating the responsible use of marijuana by adults, Everidge responded, "I support legalizing and regulating the responsible use of marijuana by adults consistent with applicable state law." (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

Ambiguous as to whether or not he favors the decriminalization of cannabis, Everidge stated, "This is a matter that should be left to individual states to decide how they would best like to address decriminalizing the simple possession of marijuana." (Candidate Survey Response)

Position on Medical Marijuana

"As an issue that I believe is better determined by states and not the federal government, I support legalizing the use of physician-authorized medical cannabis." (Candidate Survey Response)

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Web: https://www.benforflorida.com/



903 Grovesmere Loop

Ocoee, FL 34761

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