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F Mike Crapo (R - ID) NO MEDICAL USE

Crapo is a very strong opponent of efforts to legalize marijuana, actively working against reform measures brought to congress. 

Holds office U.S. Senate


"I have strong concerns about the ramifications of legislation that would legalize illegal drugs or loosen regulation with regard to them. Because many illegal drugs are highly and quickly addictive, the societal and economic costs of such policy decisions would be immense. Rest assured, I will continue to monitor and evaluate the policy discussions centered on states' legalization of marijuana and its implications for federal law."

“I remain firmly opposed to efforts to legalize marijuana on the federal level, and I am opposed to legalization in the State of Idaho,” said Chairman Crapo.  “I also do not support the SAFE Banking Act that passed in the House of Representatives.  Significant concerns remain that the SAFE Banking Act does not address the high level potency of marijuana, marketing tactics to children, lack of research on marijuana’s effects, and the need to prevent bad actors and cartels from using the banks to disguise ill-gotten cash to launder money into the financial system.  I welcome input from all interested parties on how to thoughtfully address these concerns.” (12/18/19)

“I think the case has been made pretty strongly to get cannabis banking issues resolved,” said Committee Chair Mike Crapo, an Idaho Republican who had previously stated that he wouldn’t address this problem as long as the federal government still regarded marijuana as a controlled substance. “This is an important and complex issue we need to get right.” (7/23/19)

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Web: http://crapo.senate.gov/

Phone: 202-224-6142


239 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

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