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Senator Chuck Schumer has been a consistent supporter of federal legalization of adult-use marijuana. Senator Schumer has been clear on his stance and has contributed towards progress by introducing acts and cowriting bills.

Holds office U.S. Senate

Sponsored Legislation

S.1552 - Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act (2019-2020)


"Congress has a lot of work to do to catch up with the rest of the country. I promise to be in your corner and work like hell bringing federal cannabis policy into the 21st century." (April 20, 2023)


"For far too long, the federal prohibition on cannabis and the War on Drugs has been a war on people, and particularly people of color." (July 21, 2022).

"It’s long past time to end the federal prohibition of marijuana." (September 22, 2023).

"HHS has done the right thing and DEA should now quickly follow through on this important step to greatly reduce the harm caused by draconian marijuana laws. While this is a step forward, there is still much more that needs to be done legislatively to end the federal prohibition on cannabis and roll back the War on Drugs. I am committed to continuing to work in Congress to pass important marijuana legislation and criminal justice reform." (August 30, 2023).

"NEWS: @POTUS has taken action to grant clemency for dozens of people with federal cannabis and drug convictions In the Senate, we will continue the work to end the federal prohibition on cannabis and undo the harms caused by the War on Drugs" (4/26/2022)

"Support for cannabis legalization is at record levels. As we move forward, the Senate is working to end the federal prohibition on cannabis and ensure those impacted by the failed War on Drugs are made whole." (4/20/2022)

"Americans are sending a clear message--they want an end to cannabis prohibition. That's why @SenBooker , @RonWyden , and I are working to pass our Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act to end federal the prohibition and undo the harms of the War on Drugs." (4/6/2022)

"It's a tough issue. We talk about the comparison to alcohol, and obviously alcohol is legal and I'm hardly a prohibitionist, but it does a lot of damage," Schumer said. "The view I have, and I'm a little cautious on this, is let's see how the state experiments work."

He added that lawmakers should view states like Colorado and Washington, who have legalized recreational pot, as "laboratories" to see if legalization could work on a larger scale.

"I'd be a little cautious here at the federal level, and see the laboratories of the states, see their outcomes before we make a decision," he said.

Todd then asked the senator if he believes states should be allowed to legalize marijuana without federal intervention.

"Yes," Schumer said. "I think having the states experiment is a good idea." 1/27/14

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