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D- Doug Lamborn (R - CO) NO MEDICAL USE

Holds office U.S. House District 5


"There's a false perception that marijuana isn't dangerous, & we must educate the public about health hazards caused by recreational marijuana" (08/30/19)

"Simply put, the report confirms consuming marijuana increases lane weaving and impairs drivers’ cognitive abilities. Because legalization also increases the number of users, it is logical that there would be an increase in crashes involving marijuana. This is one of many reasons I've opposed legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado from the beginning. Now we must face the consequences and rectify the problems brought to our state. It's a matter of safety and public health." (10/22/18)

"Legalizing marijuana has undeniably had severe negative consequences to our region and Colorado as a whole." Rep. Lamborn said. "In particular, our area's federal lands have been exploited by drug cartels who use the land for illegal marijuana grows. These are large-scale operations that illegally divert stream water and dump tons of illegal toxins onto our lands. Not only is this damaging precious natural resources and harming wildlife, it is invading our communities and neighborhoods. These sites are often protected by heavily armed cartel members who pose a serious safety risk to those who utilize our public lands for recreational activities as well as for Forest Service and BLM staff. This is a big problem for Colorado and I am calling on my colleagues in the Colorado delegation to help solve this problem. Our communities and national parks are at stake."

"If nothing else, I would like to see the ability for researchers to study the medical effects of marijuana to see if the benefits are really there, as some people claim, and you can't do that right now when it's a level category one controlled substance," Lamborn tells CPR News. "So, at least let's take the step of allowing marijuana to be available to researchers. Now, whether we go beyond that, I'm not sure I could support going beyond that."

"The federal government has the right and responsibility to uphold federal laws. I am encouraged by Attorney General Sessions' revision of the Cole Memo. The Cole Memo was an effort by the Obama Administration to create laws by executive action through the Department of Justice, as it did with immigration, rather than to enforce laws duly passed by the legislative branch.

The social costs of legalizing marijuana in Colorado have been steep, and the negative effects on children are particularly concerning. Since legalization, the number of calls to emergency poison control for children eight years and younger has tripled, thanks to the potency, attractiveness and availability of edibles. Youth arrests, particularly among minorities, have sharply increased. Homelessness is a rapidly growing concern. Rather than lessening criminal activity associated with marijuana, cartels have rushed into Colorado, resulting in 19 cartel operation busts in the last 18 months.

If we're honest with ourselves, legalizing marijuana has been bad for the state of Colorado. I applaud Attorney General Sessions for upholding the law and recognizing the serious and proven harms associated with marijuana."

"The unproven and untested nature of medical marijuana leaves a lot of unanswered questions about the impact it would have on veterans. The fact is, most major medical associations oppose marijuana use and legalization, and certain studies, including one from Yale Medical School last year, show that marijuana actually aggravates PTSD, rather than alleviating it. Allowing the VA to recommend untested, non-FDA-approved drugs that are illegal under federal law could actually make veterans worse, not better."

Cosponsred "No Welfare for Weed Act" https://gosar.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=1958

2022: Medical Marijuana Research Act, HR 5657
2022: MORE Act, HR 3617
2021: SAFE Banking Act, HR 1996
2020: MORE Act, HR 3884
2019: The SAFE Banking Act, HR 1595
2019: Blumenauer/McClintock/Norton Amendment to Protect Legalization
2016: Veterans Equal Access Amendment
2015: Rohrabacher/Farr Amendment to Protect Medical
2015: McClintock/Polis Amendment to Protect Legalization
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Email: jean.lamborn@gmail.com

Web: http://lamborn.house.gov/

Phone: 202-225-4422


2371 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

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