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Senator Sherrod Brown is most outspoken about cannabis banking and supports banking access for those in the marijuana industry.

Holds office U.S. Senate


"Cannabis banking is just one part of the necessary conversation about marijuana policy,” said Brown, a Cleveland Democrat. “There is still much work to be done to acknowledge and mend the damage done by the war on drugs, work to make sure everyone – including our veterans – has access to the medicine they need and allow medical and scientific research on cannabis." (September 27, 2023).

Senator Sherrod Brown wrote to a constituent and said "I support the federal decriminalization of marijuana," along with a few other key quotes in support of sensible marijuana reform. He cites the effectiveness of medical marijuana, as well as the need for legalization to come with the reconciliation of harm done due to prohibition. (11/4/21)

"While it is important to consider the potential medical benefits of marijuana, particularly for terminally ill patients whose quality of life may hinge on effective pain management, there are risks associated with making marijuana legally available. The widespread popularity and use of this drug among our nation's youth, as well as its role as a "pipeline" drug (potentially leading to the use of heroin and other lethal drugs) distinguishes it from other controlled substances, and we must be particularly careful before creating the potential for expanded access and use." 


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