Politician Info
D Jim McClendon (R - AL)

Holds office State Senate District 11

Position on Marijuana Legalization
Opposed HB 2, the Alabama Medical Marijuana Patient Rights Act of 2016, saying: "Medical Marijuana is an issue supported by an extremely small group of people in Alabama, while the vast majority of the population is opposed to this type of legislation."


"From a pharmacological standpoint my understanding is there are no analgesic properties to THC," he said. "I want to hear from pharmacologists who don't have a dog in this fight."


Contact Jim McClendon

Email: jimmcc@windstream.net

Web: http://www.legislature.state.al.us/aliswww/ISD/ALSenator.aspx?OID_SPONSOR=100454&OID_PERSON=4460

Phone: 334-261-0789


11 South Union Street, Suite 729

Montgomery, AL 36130-4600

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