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Position on Medical Marijuana

Governor Kemp signed House Bill 324 in 2019, which establishes a regulatory commission to facilitate rules governing the establishment of state-licensed manufacturers of low-THC extract oils. Under state law, the possession of low-THC extracts is legal for certain qualified patients, but there exists no regulated supply source for them to obtain these products. (Link)

Wrote an op-ed on fighting the opioid crisis and did not mention marijuana. 



The legislation sought to allow a half dozen companies to provide cannabis oil to more than 22,000 patients suffering from a range of maladies. “We were very supportive of that,” Kemp said. “We were in the fight to get something done, but now that the session ended, we’re still focused on getting the licenses out and going through the process that we originally had.” 4/9/22

"Instead of crossing state lines, breaking numerous laws in the process, these families can now stay in our great state. We are ensuring that these families can purchase what works for their loved ones without creating a slippery slope." (Link) 2019

During the campaign, Gov. Kemp said that he supports the limited expansion to the state's CBD exemption law by permitting CBD-dominant cannabis to be grown in state under a license. He said he opposes decriminalizing minor marijuana possession offenses. (10/23/18) (Link)

"I wouldn’t want to speak to what another state is doing, especially California; it would be hard for me to comprehend most of what they’re doing. From my perspective, that’s one of the things that concerns me, is that by legalizing it on a state level, you could be putting your citizens in a jeopardizing situation where they think they are following state law but can be prosecuted for violating federal law. I have great concern with that. I’m certainly not in the camp of being pro-recreational marijuana.

I do think though, from a medicinal standpoint, I am very open-minded about that. I am very supportive of what our legislature has done in the past, and we’ll continue to keep taking a look at that. I know there are many parents in Georgia who are using that medicinal marijuana with good results. As a parent myself, I understand that if that’s the only remedy you have, you’re going to use it if your child is sick or is having seizures or anything else. So I’m certainly open to that as we move forward." Link

“If there’s research there that shows an expansion [of the medical program] that could even lead to cultivation,” he said, “I’d definitely be open and supportive to doing that.” Link


2021: Amends Hemp Farming Laws, SB 195
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