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F Eric Holcomb (R - IN) NO MEDICAL USE

Holds office Governor

Position on Medical Marijuana

Governor Holcomb has historically voiced opposition toward reforming marijuana laws, including opposing efforts to provide medical cannabis access. He continued to affirm this viewpoint in 2019, stating that he will continue to oppose both medical and adult-use legalization efforts in Indiana as long as cannabis remains illegal under federal law.


"Until these federal law changes occur, I can’t in good conscience consider issuing blanket pardons for all such offenders... I do agree that many of these offenses should not serve as a life sentence after an individual has served their time." 10/18/2022

“(I’m) happy to participate in learning more scientifically, medically, about potential medicinal uses and their positive effects,” said Holcomb repeating a statement he has made for years. “Now, it needs to be legal and that’s going to have to start on the federal front first... I don’t think having possession of small amounts should ruin your life,” he said, but questioned what a small amount should be. 12/13/2021

“But for folks who are pushing and selling that and a lot of other drugs ... this is not the idea that I want to legalize that and I don’t think there’s an appetite for that in the legislature.”  (12/13/21)

“If the [federal marijuana] law changed, we would look at all the positive or adverse impacts it would have. I’m not convinced other states have made a wise decision.” (2019)

“Right now, it’s a crime. I’m just simply not willing to look the other way.” (2019)

CBD oil doesn't get you high, and Holcomb says he's heard from many Hoosiers who believe it's helped them with pain. He says he was happy to make it accessible, after a failed attempt to do so last year. Holcomb says marijuana is a completely different story. He argues it's frequently been a gateway to deadlier drugs. (3/26/18

"Right now, in the world that we're living in, expanding or legalizing drugs of this nature isn't on my list." (10/26/16

2021: Amends Cannabis Possession While Driving Laws, SB 201
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